Smart Health
- HEALTH eGuard
Integrated system for preventive health care and early detection of cardiovascilar diseases
- Ultraviolet (UV) Radiation
Measurement of UV sun rays to warn people not to be exposed in certain hours.
- Pollution & Noise Impact on Health
Pollution & Noise Impact assessment on population health conditions
Smart Environment
- Air Pollution
Real time dynamic control of CO/CO2/NO/NO2 and PM particles, covering every square area meter.
- Forest Fire Detection
Monitoring of combustion gases and preemptive fire conditions to define alert zones.
- Water Pollution
Real time water pollution detection and water quality control
- Pollution Monitoring
Pollution monitoring and illegal waste landfills detection with smart GIS apps
Smart Tourism
Internet platform for web sites easy creating. Suitable for tourist locations micro sites, archaeological sites presentations ...
- Touch Screen Devices
Touch screen information kiosks, tables for interactive tourist presentations
- Augmented / Mixed Reality
Augmented / Mixed reality applications with 360 degrees indoor / outdoor view, virtual touristic tours, digitaly generated virtual objects, paragliding flight simmulators ...
- Wellnes & Health Synergy
Active welness tourism with constant remote health monitoring
Smart Energy
- Solar Energy
Solar powered smart bench, solar info kiosk, solar street light
- Smart Energy Consumption
Energy consumtion smart logger and controller, energy efficiency apps
Smart Cities
- Smart Parking
Monitoring of parking spaces availability, smart parking locks
- Smart Lighting
Intelligent and weather adaptive lighting in street lights.
- Noise Urban Maps
Sound monitoring in bar areas and centric zones in real time.
- Smartphone Detection
Detect iPhone and Android devices and in general any device which works with WiFi or Bluetooth interfaces.
- Indoor Location
Asset indoor location by using active (ZigBee) and passive tags (RFID/NFC).
- Intelligent Shopping Applications
Getting advices in the point of sale according to customer habits, preferences, presence of allergic components for them or expiring dates.
Smart Agriculture
- Smart Farming
Smart controll of irrigation systems, soil/water/air parameters measurement
- Honey Production Control
Inteligent beehives monitoring (temperature, hymidity, dust...)
Smart Education
- Smart School Tables
Interactive Touch Screen School Tables with installed educational apps
- Modular Laboratory Table
Natural sciences and electronics modular laboratory tables with corresponding apps
- Student Professional Orientation Assessment Software
Software for student professional orientation assessment, based on student preferences, capabilites ...